Thursday, October 6, 2011

Design | Origin Coffee Roasters

Origin Coffee Roasters are a small, independent and innovative company from Cornwall with a purpose beyond profit. They are a tight knit group of highly experienced and passionate coffee people that strive to raise coffee standards throughout the UK. Crafting distinctive espresso blends is at the forefront of what they do, but behind the scenes they work hard to make sure every bean that they roast promotes social, environmental and economic responsibility.

Origin have recently moved all roasting to their headquarters in Cornwall, as well as organic fair trade coffee they produce their own 'Seasonal Collection' which rotates the beans making sure that only the best of what's in season makes it into the bag. Origin's 'Farmer 30' coffees go one step further than fair trade by ensuring that the individual workers on selected farms benefit from the export of the beans.

UK based studio A-Side has carried and developed the company identity through all manner of products and print spanning a five year period – during which time the company has enjoyed unprecedented success, growing from 4 to 15 employees, supplying a number of leading restaurants and celebrity chefs, and becoming an iconic local brand that is synonymous with Cornish cafĂ© culture.


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