Thursday, September 22, 2011

Design | Max Chocolatier

This project comes from Denmark based Muggie Ramadani, an interdisciplinary design studio, specialized in creating intelligent solutions for analog and digital media.

Of the project they say, "The process involved in creating the confectionery is unique, and the result will exceed anything you have ever tasted: at Max you will be savouring some of the best chocolate in the world. Max Chocolatier offers a feast for all the senses. Your nose experiences the scent of truly great chocolate as you approach the shop. There, you can witness the care with which the staff create the products. Opening the exquisite packaging adds to the anticipation. Then, as the chocolate touches your tongue, it’s as if you were tasting chocolate for the very first time."

Chocolate AND design! I'm in heaven. Be sure to check out all of Muggie Ramadani's sleek and beautiful work!

via September Industry.

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