Monday, August 8, 2011

Design | Sourced Grocer

This project came to my attention via Swiss Legacy. I sometimes forget that all you have to do is ask, so that's what I did when I sent the super friendly guys over at One Iota - the multidisciplinary studio responsible for this beautiful project - an email telling them how much I would love to get images and a project description for their latest case study Sourced Grocer. This is probably only half of what they sent me!

Project description from One Iota:

The central ideologies behind the Sourced Grocer brand was that of respecting the seasonal nature and sustainability of food. The people behind the food and ultimately the tastes, desires, generosity and pleasures of those who consume and enjoy food.

Overall our ambition for the project was to create a brand that was versatile and fun. Communicating messages of
pride in the local community and encouraging customers to support their local grocer and eat thoughtfully
knowing the providence and seasonal nature of the food they consume.

The posters and hand outs feature oddly coloured shots of fruit and vegetables that we literally nailed to our
wall in the studio and shot in high res. The rationale behind the odd colouring was to engage the viewer to
sub-consiencly question the produce they are looking at, and in conjunction with the branding statements begin
them on the process of questioning the origin and seasonality of produce they consume in everyday life.

I mean honestly, it's just all so beautiful! It's projects like this that keep my faith for print design alive.

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