Friday, May 6, 2011

D&D Restaurant Rating | Gott's Roadside

I've decided I'm going to start a Restaurant Rating section for Design & Dishes. Living in the Bay Area, I am constantly surrounded by incredible restaurants. It truly is a great city for wining and dining. Recently my dear friend Mandy was visiting from Seattle and we decided to have an overnight camping trip at some hot springs North of Napa. 2 hours into the drive, we had just entered Napa and our friend Henry suggested a burger joint he had heard about. I trust Henry with everything, especially hamburgers!

Gott's Roadside is simply one of those diners you would expect to see in a movie. It's just so incredibly American it almost hurts. Okay, not really, but I did eat to the point of pain. The staff was friendly and I appreciated that they weren't pretending like it was 1950. 

The food was simple and perfect. I even emailed Mandy today to reminisce about this burger. The ingredients are fresh, including the meat which was pretty perfect; but I have to say what really made this burger extraordinary was the soft toasted egg buns they use. I either want a stellar recipe for egg buns or I need to find out where they buy theirs because I don't know if I can eat another burger without them.

*Photo credit  |  Mandy Blouin


  1. Kyle, I'm loving your blog. Also, all of your design. God, why didn't we hang out more when I was at Cornish!? You could've saved me from getting kicked out. haha. I'm gonna get in touch with you in a bit... Miss you.