Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Design | Joel Felix: Stamped Business Card

The more I post design work, the more you will see that I tend to favor printed materials. I studied print design, it's my main passion in life, and I've often been told in this modern day and age that "Print is dying". Personally, I refuse to believe that, which is why I'm so happy to be posting this great concept for anyone who has considered making their own business cards! I found this project on For Print Only, a great blog and division of the fabulous Under Consideration online family that focuses on print design and printed objects/materials.

Designer Joel Felix says of the cards:

My goal in designing these cards was to develop a “template” card that could be used for all of our four full-time designers. I then took the information that was specific to each individual (i.e. name, title, email and phone number) and created a custom stamp for everyone. Also by doing one spot color on only one side of the card I was able to order a larger quantity for everyone, rather than having to do a separate run for each person, which would have quadrupled the price. I then upped the game and created a larger stamp that could be used for the back of the card. Since the stamps were relatively inexpensive to produce we saved a lot of money and can still get real funky with stamp colors.

Printing with stamps on a letter-pressed 40pt cotton card stock created a stunning texture that was distinct and full of personality since no card was exactly the same. Another great thing about this is that this method actually reduces waste (besides the few mess-ups at the beginning), since we only print when we need more. All in all this was exactly what I hoped they would turn out to be.

Be sure to check out the in-depth project description at For Print Only and congratulations to Joel for these creative and bold business cards! I'm already thinking my next project will include stamps.


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