Saturday, May 7, 2011

Design | Studio Spotlight: Dorian

I wasn't able to find much information on this studio seeing as I am not fluent in Catalan or Spanish. Dorian, which is based in Barcelona, caught my eye when it was recently featured on the incredibly superb packaging blog The Dieline. As a frequent reader of said blog, I particularly enjoy their Dieline Wine section which brings me to Dorian's packaging for Finca de la Rica. I think it's ridiculously fun! And attractive.

The write-up was taken from Dorian's site:

"El Buscador" (The Seeker) and "El Guía" (The Guide) are the first two wines from a line whose design is based on the concept of leisure. An image that seeks to promote the recreational and leisure time that comes with a glass of good wine, through a fun and different idea inviting consumers to participate directly on the bottle itself to resolve or complete the puzzles.

Be sure to check out Dorian's other great projects.

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