Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Design | Cosa Fina Jewelry

Trendland really caught my attention with their feature on sisters and designers Karina Kuhary and Ninette Paloma of Cosa Fina Jewelry. I don't even wear jewelry but their Raw Collection is full of stunning and intriguing pieces.

More on Cosa Fina:

Cosa Fina throws open the window of the fine jewelry industry with a fresh and approachable way to wear precious gems. Raised by their Guatemalan artist mom in a notoriously bohemian Chicago neighborhood, sisters and designers Karina Kuhary and Ninette Paloma, always knew a desk job was never in their cards. After a combined 15 years in the fashion retail industry both sisters trained in metalsmithing under the guidance of renowned Chicago goldsmith, Virgil Robinson. Ninette and Karina are passionate and committed to the art of design and technique, drawing inspiration by their cultural background and travels. The sisters create a streamlined collection of organic and modern precious metal jewelry peppered with gemstones. Currently, cognac diamonds, brilliant sapphires and raw, uncut gemstones tops their list. Karina currently resides in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, while her sister Ninette, lives in Santa Barbara, California.

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