Friday, May 13, 2011

Design | Designer Spotlight: Iris Tarraga

I couldn't really find information on this designer. September Industry, one of my absolute favorite design blogs, says:

Iris Tarraga is a graphic designer based in Barcelona, Spain. She previously worked at design and communications consultancy Marnich for 3 years before going it alone at the start of 2011. 

Gifts and stationery distributor, Art Direction  |  Wladimir Marnich at Marnich

Product distributors and wholesalers  |  Made at Marnich  

Electric bikes bussines, Personal project, Naming with  |  Griselda Martí

In-depth project descriptions for some of these beautiful works of art can be read on September Industries showcase page. Iris' classic and simplistic aesthetic represents everything I love about design. I'm not really sure how old she is, not that it matters, but I noticed a tiny handful of the work on her personal site was done while in the Academy, which leads me to believe she's relatively young. Based on what I've seen I think she's incredibly talented. Her typography skills are impressive and timeless and I think she has a great eye for layout and print. 

I'm gonna go ahead and bookmark this one. I want to keep my eye on future projects from this gifted designer!

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