Saturday, June 4, 2011

Design | Eos Coffee

I am loving Spain right now! I feel like everything I've seen - as far as design goes - has been from Spain lately. I tried finding more information on the studio responsible for this project but unfortunately their site is down at the moment. I was able to find more information over at Lovely Package: a packaging design blog.

Eos Coffe, designed by Noem9 Studio

The alarm might go off at 5:00 a.m., but the day doesn’t start until the French press offers up that nutty cup of morning fuel. From the first sip, the discerning coffee drinker knows that no matter what the day holds, she’s ready for it now.

Even better, she knows that she can face the world in good conscience: grown organically, distributed via fair trade and in packaging meant to reduce its carbon footprint. Eos represents the sensibilities of an enlightened, modern international food company – even its name (the Greek goddess of dawn) suggests a new beginning. With a nod to simple design elements and exotic roasts, the brand stands out for its flavor, not for fancy packaging.

While Noem9 is updating their site, but sure to check their blog out!

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  1. Hello Kyle!
    I'm Jose from Noem9 Studio, I would like to thank you for showing my work on your blog.
    Although I wanted to say that my site is already online, so you can visit it as you wish:

    Thanks a lot for the support, nice blog by the way!

    Kind regards,