Friday, June 3, 2011

Design | Endeavour

The Endeavour Kitchen Series is the creation of Nikolaj Kirk and Mikkel Maarbjerg, two chefs whose creativity and curiosity has earned each of them a prominent role in Danish gastronomy since the mid 90’s.

NIKOLAJ KIRK  |  The former head chef of several of Denmark’s leading restaurants, Nikolaj Kirk has chronicled his culinary world travels both in a series of cookbooks and in his regular appearances on Danish television.
Mikkel Maarbjerg

MIKKEL MAARBJERG  |  is the chef behind the success of Ensemble and Kommandanten — two of the best-reviewed restaurants in Denmark. Maarbjerg has received more Michelin stars then any other Danish chef.

THE CULINARY STUDIO  |  Together, they founded Kirk+Maarbjerg, a culinary studio that champions food activism through research and development, team building chef courses, product development and creative catering. Quality and esthetics - two key values of Kirk+Maarbjerg, both in and out of the kitchen - also serve as the foundation of their Endeavour Kitchen Series.

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